Monday, 30 September 2013


"Stampygoodnose never been in and video and i thought that was sad"
hair: White
work: Keeps stampy company


Gregory aka Greg
only stampy calls him Greg
"did Gregory push me"
"there you dont like it"
hair: White
age: 3 and half
work: Help stampy killing stuff
(Son) Gregory jr.
first appears: ep 6
Stampys first dog and only dog at the time stampy and Greg were best animals buds they kill sheep together push in them in oceans sadly greg died by a skeleton who shot and arrow Melanie made a song about it called I love u Gregory.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

List of stampys pets

(Brainy, Burney twizzle dizzle and pony is what I can remember which our not in his world)
Gregory (Died by a skeleton)
Stampygoodnose (fell of a cliff)
Snowy (Fell in lava)
Porky (dead)
Guilty bark (died by two zombies)
Lucky (died in fire)
Chicken (Drowned in water)
Tikka (died)
Arrow (died)
Cedrick (Craig favourt but fell of the roller coaster)
Oreo (Drowned in water)
the Avainter (got attack by sparky)
Sparky (leees dog but drowned)
Gregory jr. (works at the golf course)
Fluffy (works at the pap but before he was sailing the boat)
Spring (btw i have a dog what died called spring)
Barnby (The oldest)
(tell me if i missed some out)

Iron golluem

Hit the target 19

Name: Hit the target 19
Hit is stampys enemy and never spoke (only he can speak in the nether)
Hair: Possibly brown (gold crown)
Age: 3 (possibly)
work: Sailing the seas in his evil boat what got destroyed building castles
first appeared: ep 16
Hit is the enemy of stampy the first time stampy battled with him he died in fire and took lucky the dog with him,the second time Hit did a unknown escape in the dog jail, third time the kracken,stampy and leee defeated him by making him walk the plaque but he can escape again. Hits list to do things is steal stampys dog (did once) take over the world get milk (He went out to get milk) Hit once precedented to be good and safe stampys dog which he said in the nether.


Amylee33 has her own YouTube account and only speak in magic animals club page
Hair: Pink
Age: Unknown
Work: Helps Stampy builds
Real name: Amy Lee
Amy is one of stampys helpers she is the main female everyone can remeber her best friend is rose833 whos a penguin (shes a mermaid) She once had a room in stampys tower but got kicked out and had to be Henry and Hillsdale room (The room use to be Squids before Craig). Amy had a pink purple wool room in the village and once stampy made a under ground track destroy some floor in the house. Amy always give 2 roses or more to stampy.

L for leeeee

L for Leee
(Mr. Leeee dont have any quotes and only speaked in two world two videos one in the sky island and Stampys coummity city)
Skin colour: Brown
Age: Unknown
Work: Making cakes for stampys breakfast
Realtive: No one knowns
real name: Lee
Leeee is one of stampys helpers he never speaks (only twice) because he has a small voice Leeee like putting moose everywhere and a moose house in stampys friend village.
Leeee been the best friend to stampy once in his subricbers speacial he made a time were leeee was in his videos (even the brown wool lee). Leee is a bear what sometimes turns into a dog (leee mrk ii) or an ocelot which stampy tamed (Lee mrk iii possibly).


Iballsticsquid aka the cracken and the Iballsticpotter
Mr. Squids best quotes:
"La la la la la la la la"
Skin colour: Blue
Age: 3 1/2
Work: Destoring ships like Hits Ship
uses his meleon ship in Stampys coummity city
Squids Aunti
Squids cousin (from realtiy)
Squids parents (died from lord voldemort)
first apprence(before ep 55)
Name: David
Mr. Squid is stampys best friend and only has 2 dogs 1 cat 1 snow golluem 1 iron golluem in sic
he is friends with buildaloice Whitefang L for leeee Amylee33 Rose833 Finball Squids is a silly slipprey person who has dance put inc sac and dirt on the worlds tastiest cakes he accentily sent stampy back in time in ep 100 he tried senting him before he ate the cake but press wrong buttons and sent him 50000 years ago every time squids auntie died he always says those incsacs are her ears she died once and thought she can never respawn and burried her but later found out she survive


Stampylongnose aka Stampylongweasly Mr. Stampy Cat
Stampys best quotes:
"Dont use this as a guide"
"Now I know I aren't good at redstone"
Hair: Ginger
Age: 2 1/2
23 (real life)
Work: Stampys hot bun (in slw and gc)
Realtives: Stampys mum
Stampys dad (Villager)
Nerville long bottem (Wizard in HP)
Melaine Candy (ex girlfriend)
first appeard: Stampys lovely world
Name: Joseph Garret

Stampy is the main character in his videos he has lots of dogs he is best friends with Craig Mr. Squid Mr. Lee Daisy Longbow
Stampy is a huge enemy of Hit the target (who died 3 times)  Stampy can time travel and only use it to go in dinasaur time, and a start of his video. Stampys mc slaves Lee gives him cake every day (he has Sponge cake Pumpkin Cake World tastest cake and blue berry cake) Stampy goes threw the adventure maps with Mr. Squid Zshoot aka Daisy they play Iron wolf, Parkour, stampysquiddaisy adventure map and Harry potter
Stampy is known to be minecraft version of Ron weasly from Harry potter.